5 Important Things To Do When Moving Long-Distance

12 November 2020
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If you are moving more than an hour or so away from your home, you are making a long-distance move. A long-distance move presents different challenges than a local move, which is why it is important to know how to handle this unique type of move.

Thing #1: Start Contacting Moving Companies

If you want to move effectively with a long-distance move, you will not be able to make multiple moves with a truck or SUV to move your belongings. You will want to rent a moving truck that can allow you to carry everything in one trip.

That is why you are going to want to start researching moving companies right away. You are going to want to get in-person moving quotes. Keep in mind that the moving company can also help with packing up everything in your home, or help with packing up certain items, such as furniture and fragile items.

Knowing you have a moving company booked and ready to help you with your move can help reduce the stress of preparing for your move.

Thing #2: Declutter Right Away

Second, you are going to want to declutter as soon as possible. Decluttering will allow you to make sure you are only moving the items you want to move. Decluttering can take time, so don't put off this process.

It may take you more time than you anticipate to go through everything and then deal with the items you need to get rid of. It can take time to drop everything off at donations centers, sell it, or even take items to the dump.

Thing #3: Complete an Inventory

Third, you are going to want to create an inventory of everything in your home. An inventory will be helpful for insurance purposes and will help you keep track of your belongings.

Thing #4: Create a Labeling System

As you start to pack things up, create a labeling system. For example, maybe you write the name of the room that the box goes to on the top of the box, and then write an inventory list on the side of the box.

You can color-coordinate the markers or stickers you put on the box to coordinate with the rooms the items belong to or help identify and rank the importance of unpacking each box.

Thing #5: Create a Plan

You will feel greater control when you create a moving plan. Your moving plan should include everything you need to take care of before moving day, such as booking a moving company, decluttering, and a packing schedule. It should also include changing your address, setting up and closing utility accounts, and transferring doctor records.

Assign a date to each task, and make sure you stick to your plan. That way, when you leave town, you don't have to come back for any unfinished tasks.