5 Tips For Cost Savings When Using A Moving Company

17 March 2022
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Moving is a major life event, and often requires the help of a moving company. You need to consider the costs of packing boxes and materials, hiring a mover, shipping costs, completing paperwork, and paying for utilities in your new home. Hiring a mover is one of the biggest cost items. If you want to save money when moving, follow these cost reduction tips when hiring a moving company.

1. Move Only the Items You Absolutely Need

When you move, you need to decide which items you absolutely must bring. If you have a lot of things, you will probably want to hire a moving company. Pack only the most important items in your daily life, such as clothing and kitchen utensils. Pack these items and dispose of the rest. 

2. Compare Moving Market Prices

Before hiring local movers, contact some companies for an estimate of the cost of your employment. It's important to know how movers get prices. Some companies charge by the hour, while others charge by weight or volume. 

Ask if the price is the price of the entire move or just the price of loading and unloading. Remember that the cheapest deal is not always the best deal. Other factors such as the company's experience and reputation also need to be considered. 

3. Select Off-Season Move

Moving companies are usually cheaper during off-seasons such as winter and autumn. Therefore, if you book a move during these times, you can also get a move discount. However, some movers charge a minimum fee for off-season travel, which can be higher than you think. Talk to a moving company to discuss whether you can reschedule your move to a friendlier date.

4. Portable Storage and Delivery Applications

You can request mobile storage and shipping services from your mover. The company collects your belongings and stores them in a portable storage unit. Later they will deliver yours to your new home. This is a cost-cutting tactic because you don't have to rent a truck or move a container. 

5. Take Out Moving Insurance

If you want to hire a moving company, you need to have moving insurance. This insurance covers damage to your belongings on the move. Many people aren't thinking about buying moving insurance because they consider moving insurance to be expensive. However, if you have a lot of valuable items that are difficult to replace, you should consider this cover. 

Are you afraid of high moving costs? Contact your mover to discuss how to reduce your move costs.