Four Specialty Boxes To Use For Your Upcoming Residential Move

16 March 2023
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Are you preparing to pack up all your belongings for an upcoming residential move? Even if you have movers handle all the heavy lifting for you, it's important that you still use the right boxes for the job. There are several types of specialty boxes that are designed to keep certain items protected during a move, and you will definitely want to have them on hand as you pack.

Wardrobe Boxes

Do you have a lot of clothing hanging in your closet? Don't take them all off the hangers and pack them away in boxes, since that takes up a ton of time and is unnecessary. You can get a wardrobe box to pack up those clothes in a much easier way. These large boxes have a metal bar suspended across the top and put the clothing directly in the box. It makes packing and unpacking your closet a breeze.

Dish Boxes

One essential box that you need is a dish box. These help protect your dishes and glassware so that there is plenty of padding around them in the box. It will help ensure that none of your kitchen items arrive damaged when you unpack them in your new home. While you can wrap each item individually to put in a normal box, it's very time-consuming and unnecessary when there is a box built for the exact purpose of moving dishes and glasses.

Picture Boxes

Have large artwork or mirrors on your walls that are coming with you? Rather than wrap these items in plastic and bubble wrap, consider getting a picture box to securely move them. It will provide these items with a little more protection that will prevent them from being scratched, punctured, or broken. With multiple sizes to choose from, you'll be sure to find the perfect fit for all your items hanging on the wall.

TV Boxes

Chances are that you did not hold onto the boxes that your TV came in. While they are the best way to transport your TV due to the custom Styrofoam that holds the TV in place, the next best way to pack it is with a TV box. It is designed specifically for flat-screen TVs, with plenty of padding to prevent the screen from being damaged. 

Your move will be sure to go smoothly when your movers transport all your items in the proper box. For more information on boxes to use for residential moving, contact a professional near you.