5 Important Things To Do When Moving Long-Distance

12 November 2020
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If you are moving more than an hour or so away from your home, you are making a long-distance move. A long-distance move presents different challenges than a local move, which is why it is important to know how to handle this unique type of move. Thing #1: Start Contacting Moving Companies If you want to move effectively with a long-distance move, you will not be able to make multiple moves with a truck or SUV to move your belongings. Read More 

How To Social Distance When Using A Residential Moving Service

4 June 2020
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How can you social distance during your next move? If you've recently signed a new lease or bought a new home, take a look at the ways you can stay six feet away while using a residential moving service for your move-out/move-in day. Pay in a Touchless Way What is the mover's preferred method of payment? If possible, ask if for a contact-free method of payment. The moving company may allow (or even prefer) you to pay ahead of time with a credit card. Read More 

5 Ways A Moving Company Can Make Your Life Better

23 January 2020
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Planning a move is a big deal, and it's a lot of work. While it can be exciting to move into a new home and get settled again, the actual move itself can be stressful. Many people try to take care of their own moving needs without professional help. This can be a big problem because things may not go as planned. The good news is there are moving companies that can do the hard work for you. Read More