Are You In Charge Of The Office Purge? 3 Tips To Set Up An Organized Storage Unit That Everyone Can Use

14 March 2018
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Businesses often designate times during the year for everyone to get organized. Alternatively, your big office purge may be necessary before a move to another building. Either way, you have a big responsibility to make sure that the clean up process goes as smoothly as possible, and self storage services are your best bet for giving everyone a place to safely store things until they are needed. You also know that a storage unit that is used by multiple people could turn into a mess without the proper precautions; use these tips to set up your shared office storage unit so that everyone can quickly locate what they need.

Use Shelving Systems

The first thing you need to do is check out the storage unit to make sure that it is the right size. Bring a few details about your office, such as whether you have multiple rooms, large furniture, or delicate electronics when you talk to the staff. Storage facility services include helping you pick the right size unit, along with offering suggestions on how to utilize the space. Add portable shelves to the unit that allow your team to maximize the use of vertical space. Shelves also make it easier for people to remove one box at a time without having to shuffle through multiple stacks.

Encourage Clear Labeling

Anything that goes into the storage unit should have value to the company. Unfortunately, blank boxes make it impossible to find what someone needs without having to open up more than one and shuffle through the contents. If possible, use clear plastic containers that allow people to see immediately what is inside. If you must use cardboard or opaque boxes, then have the members of the office team clearly label them with a list of each thing that is placed inside.

Draw a Layout of the Unit

The person loading the storage unit is often not the same person who returns; once the unit is loaded, draw a map that shows where commonly needed items are found. For instance, you could designate one corner of the unit for electronics and another for paper documents. This helps the people who come to the unit quickly locate the best area to begin their search.

Today, many businesses are finding it more cost effective to move to a smaller place and use storage units to hold items that are not needed on a daily basis. As the main person in charge of the transition, you can help everyone get the most out of the arrangement by prioritizing organization. You can contact professionals like Elkhart Moving & Storage for more information.