Don't Mess Yourself Up: Never Put These Items In Your Self Storage Facility

11 October 2021
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A self-storage unit is an excellent option to store your personal and business items. You can store unused furniture, business documents, seasonal stock, and even equipment for your trade. Usually, self-storage providers offer a wide variety of units to serve different needs. 

Even so, there are particular items you should avoid storing in your self-storage unit. Understanding the list of things you should keep away from the facility prevents you from incurring losses due to damage to your valuables. Below are some items that are not suitable for a self-storage facility. 

Plants and Other Living Items

Naturally, plants cannot survive in an environment without light and fresh air. Remember that a storage facility has limited air circulation and no light. It can be tempting to put your plants in the unit, especially when moving, but they will likely wither and die within a few days. 

Additionally, most storage facilities do not allow the storage of pets in the units. Keeping plants and animals in these facilities is not only unsafe but will also attract bugs. 

Flammable and Hazardous Materials

Flammable and combustible items include oil, gas, paint, fireworks, and paint thinner. You should not store these items in your unit because they can easily ignite and burn down the entire facility. Many storage service providers also discourage people from leaving anything that contains aerosol in the facility. That's because aerosols increase the risk of a fire breaking out. 

So if you need to store appliances like lawnmowers inside the unit, ensure you drain the fuel first. Other substances prohibited in the facilities include chemicals, fertilizers, and cleaning products. It is also important to check whether your facility allows the storage of ammunition. 

Valuable and Perishable Items

Keeping coins, precious metals, and jewelry in your self-storage unit is not advisable. While the facilities will probably offer top-notch security, it is risky to leave your costly items in the unit. A better option would be depositing the items in the bank or a safe deposit box. 

Storage unit owners also discourage people from storing money, tax documents, and passports in the facility. Finally, they do not allow perishable items like foods since they get spoiled easily and attract bugs. 

The only way to know the items you should keep in your unit is by consulting the management. Doing this enables you to stick to the rules and avoid losses. Besides, you will find suitable storage for the items prohibited in self-storage units. Keep these tips in mind when looking for self-storage facilities near you.