What To Know About Moving House Plants

5 May 2021
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Do you have a bunch of plants that you'll be moving to your new home? If so, you're likely not sure how to move them. Your moving company may not even allow them to be moved on their moving truck due to living items not being something they are allowed to move. Here are some tips that you need to know about getting those plants to their new location.

Consider The Season And Climate

Know that late fall and early spring are the ideal times to move plants. This is because the plants are dormant and are more likely to adapt to their new surroundings and survive a move. The climate of where you are moving to is also something you should be considered, but only if you're moving a long distance to a different climate. You may be surprised to learn that your plants won't survive the new climate, and it is best to give them away to people around where you currently live. 

Consider The Plant's Value

You should also look at how much the plant means to you and what it is worth since it may not be worth the hassle of bringing it with you. Do you want to transport plants in your own vehicle and risk them making a mess, or would you prefer to just get new plants near where you will be living? Some people would rather use it as an excuse to get new plants for their new home.

Know How To Pack Your Plants

The main thing to keep in mind when packing a plant is to use a heavy-duty cardboard box. You'll want it to be strong enough to support the weight of the plant and big enough to prevent the box from tipping over. It will also help to poke some holes in the side of the box so that the plants have air.

Have a very tall plant? You can still use a box to keep the plant stable. By cutting a hole in the top of the box for the plant to stick out of, just the base pot will be in the box itself. The wider base should prevent the plant from falling, and if it does, the dirt is contained to the box rather than end up on the floor of your vehicle or moving van.

For additional tips for moving plants and other belongings, contact a local mover.