How To Social Distance When Using A Residential Moving Service

4 June 2020
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How can you social distance during your next move? If you've recently signed a new lease or bought a new home, take a look at the ways you can stay six feet away while using a residential moving service for your move-out/move-in day.

Pay in a Touchless Way

What is the mover's preferred method of payment? If possible, ask if for a contact-free method of payment. The moving company may allow (or even prefer) you to pay ahead of time with a credit card.

If the mover requires payment at the time of service or after the job is complete, they may allow you to call in a credit card payment. If not, leave a check (or another acceptable form of payment) on a countertop or other surface, walk at least six feet away, and give the contractor space to pick up the payment.

Pack Before the Move

Start early and pack everything before your moving day arrives. Even though you may need to leave a few items out, such as dishes for breakfast or your child's favorite toys, pack these picks well before the movers arrive. Wake up early to complete the packing process or schedule a later in the day move to give you extra time. When the movers arrive, you can immediately leave your soon-to-be old home.

Label Everything

Give the residential movers the information they need to efficiently move everything from clothes to dishware. Clearly-labeled boxes, bins, and bags give the movers directions — without your physical presence. Instead of pointing out which items are fragile, belong to a specific space, or need special attention during the move, labels can say it all.

To effectively label your to-move items, include easy to read identifiers on each container. Name the item (or items) in the container, which room it belongs to, and whether it's fragile. Also include directional arrows on boxes or bins. This information allows the movers to position the containers correctly in the truck.

Send Directions in Advance

What can you do to reduce the likelihood you'll cross paths with the movers? To ensure social distancing and reduce the overall number of people in your house during the move, send directions ahead of time. Ask the moving contractor if you can email any special instructions you may have. Compose an easy to follow list. Include fragile items, instructions for unpacking, or anything else you feel is important.

For more information, reach out to a residential moving service.