How To Move During The Peak Season Without Losing Your Mind

20 June 2018
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Many people who have moved during the peak season will tell you how hectic and frustrating it is. Their analysis will be spot on for your situation if you don't plan for it. The following tips should help you plan and execute a successful relocation during the peak season.

Use a Professional Mover

There are different options for moving, but the peak season is not the season to move with nonprofessionals. Hiring a "guy with a van" is not the best practice during this time because they may get a better offer and leave you hanging. Some of these nonprofessionals take too many bookings than they can handle, which means they inevitably have to disappoint some people. If you are moving during the peak season, you need a professional moving company who will definitely show up on the appointed date.

Book Your Date In Advance

Don't forget that the professional movers will be in high demand during the moving season. Therefore, if you are sure you will be moving, identify your moving date, choose your mover, and book them for the date well in advance. You might find that all your preferred dates are booked if you delay too long. Another advantage of making an early booking is that you avoid the risk of a rate hike later on.

Be Flexible, If Possible

Since moving companies get many requests for bookings during the peak season, they have to find a way to avoid overbooking and spread their work. For example, if two people want to book the same day but the next day is free, the moving company may offer a discount to one of the clients so that they can switch their moving date. This means you may be able to enjoy low moving costs if you are flexible with your dates, which is also possible if you had planned your move in advance.

Gather Moving Supplies in Advance

It is not just movers who get busy during the moving season, even suppliers of moving items such as boxes, tape, bubble wraps, and packing paper see considerable activity during this period. This means they may run out of stock, especially if you live in a small town before the peak moving season is over. Even a delay of a couple of days for restocking may not help you much if you need to move within a few days. Therefore, know what you want and get them in advance.

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