Four Ways To Go Green With Your Next Move

7 May 2017
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If you are planning a move to a new home and you are concerned about how your move may have on the environment, there are a few things you can do to make your move more "green." Use this guide to plan your green move, and reduce the amount of waste associated with packing and moving your belongings.

Opt For Reusable Containers

Cardboard boxes may get thrown away at the end of your move, or they may become too worn to use again. Instead of this disposable method for packing your items, consider using plastic storage bins to pack your items. Purchase bins from your local discount store for this purpose, and consider keeping the containers after your move for basement, attic, or closet organization. If you find that you don't need quite so many plastic bins, you can donate the ones you no longer want to your church or local shelter. Remember to ask your professional moving company about renting reusable containers, as this offers a great solution if you know you won't need the containers after your move.

Hire A Green Mover

Some professional movers are dedicated to having a more positive impact on the environment, so consider looking into green moving companies in your area. These companies might use trucks that run on biodiesel fuel, or they may use electric or hybrid moving vehicles. Be sure to ask about the trucks your moving company uses, as this can help you to determine which moving company you hire.

Make A Recycling Plan

A recycling plan made in advance can reduce the amount of waste you throw away on moving day. For example, you can go through your house to find any old electronic devices that you no longer use and make arrangements to have these items recycled before you move. This means that you'll have fewer things to get rid of on moving day, and you can be sure the items will be properly disposed of. Break down cardboard boxes and donate he ones that are still in good shape to local charities. If you are unable to donate the boxes, be sure to put them in your recycling bins for proper disposal.

Use Reusable Packing Materials

You don't have to purchase plastic wrap and tissue paper to package your fragile items. Look around your home for items you can use as packing materials instead. Athletic socks can be great for packing glasses, coffee mugs, and salt/pepper shaker sets. Use washcloths or hand towels can be used to pack dishes and other dinnerware items. Wrap large-screen televisions in old quilts or blankets, and use old T-shirts to protect picture frames inside of your boxes. Consider downsizing your holiday wrapping paper collection, and use the paper you no longer want as packing material as well. The tubes can even be cut to size and used to protect items inside of boxes. Look around your home and you may just find that you have lots of packing materials sitting inside of your home. Work with your local moving company to find other ways to reduce your impact on the environment, and begin preparing in advance so you can ensure you put all of these green moving tips into action before your moving.