Ten Last-Minute Things To Do Before You Move

14 April 2017
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As you head out the door to leave for your new home, take care of a few things in the property that you are leaving behind. Save landlords and new tenants future hassle by leaving the property in clean, secure condition.

Don't forget to do these ten things before you leave:

  1. Talk to your movers. Confirm and coordinate with movers to ensure your stuff is headed to your new place or that it has arrived safely. Make sure to get plenty of packing boxes and materials from your mover so you won't run out in the chaos of a move.
  2. Walk the property. Double-check the yard or property for things your pet left behind. This includes toys, socks, and even waste. Leave it tidy and clean for the next dog or cat!
  3. Take some pictures. Take plenty of pictures that show the condition of the property that you are leaving. This is particularly important if you rent or lease the dwelling.
  4. Unplug the fridge. Give the fridge one last look and unplug it to avoid unpleasant smells for the next occupant.
  5. Cancel the newspaper. You have probably remembered to change your mailing address, but make sure that you also cancel any newspapers that you have delivered to your home.
  6. Check the water. Flush the toilets before you go to make sure they are clean and tidy for the new occupants. Take this opportunity to check the sinks to make sure they are not dripping and wasting water in your absence.
  7. Turn down the climate-control. Turn down the heat, climate control, or air conditioning when you walk out the door.
  8. Leave a light on. Make sure to leave a light on so that the home will look occupied after dark, which can deter potential trespassers.
  9. Lock the doors. Lock the door on your way out and turn on the security system, if applicable, especially if the landlord or realtor have asked you to secure the property.
  10. Take out the trash. Get rid of the trash responsibly on your way out. Don't fill the garbage bin, but if you do use it,  pull the can out to the curb for pickup.

If you rent, you may find that you get more of your security deposit back by taking care of these ten things before you leave. Talk with movers to confirm your move-out date, as well as when you will need your stuff in the new place. Use this as a checklist when you walk out the door to protect and secure your former dwelling.